Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exploring Raw Food

Raw foodism is philosophy and lifestyle that promotes consuming foods in their raw form. Some folks believe that raw or living food provides more vital energy and numerous health benefits, as well as leaving a smaller ecological footprint. I haven't looked into raw food extensively, but I have had the opportunity to taste some really interesting raw food meals over the years, and I've found them really flavourful and tasty with interesting textures.

If you'd like to try some raw food, Crudessence Cafe (105 Rachel West) is a raw food juice bar, café, and catering service in the Plateau Mont Royal district. It also offers courses in preparing raw foood and it's health benefits. .

I also came across a raw food meetup group that has regular raw food potluck. Raw-food curious are welcome.

And I wish I could remember the name of it: There is also a raw food caterer in the Laurentians. I've come across them regularly at the Val David Marché D'Eté.

Monday, April 27, 2009

In my Corn Pudding recipe last week I said you could just omit the eggs in the recipe without much impact. I actually discovered this accidentally since I made the recipe once and forgot the eggs. But simply skipping eggs in recipes doesn't always work. Eggs are often used in baked products because of their binding and leavening properties. So what do you substitute when a recipe calls for eggs?

A good substitute in muffins or quick breads is one heaping tablespoon of cornstarch or arrowroot mixed with two tablespoons of cold water, per egg. And if you don't mind altering the flavour a bit, half a banana, mashed, substitutes quite nicely for an egg in most baked products as well. Silken tofu can replace the traditional cream cheese and egg in cheesecake, and tahini is a great way to keep vegetarian loaves and burgers together. Of course, there are always commercial egg replacers, but read the ingredients carefully, sometimes they do contain egg white.

Lastly, if eggs are the centrepiece of the recipe--say in an angel cake or a soufflé, you may be out of luck. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!